Sathya & Liliana

For the past 10 years Sathya & Liliana have travelled over 30 countries to share their love for yoga, mantra & meditation.

Their intention is to create sacred space through their many events and inspire a new humanity, a heart-centered way of living life, as an expression of our divinity.

Through their many retreats, kirtans, trainings & festival they have touched and  inspired thousands of modern Yogis to dive deeper into Chanting, Yoga & Meditation as a path of life and a practise towards spiritual awakening.

Besides their popular Yoga & Chant Retreats, they host annual Yoga-Teacher Trainings on Bali, are regularly on Kirtan-Tour and their Festival has become legendary in Germany and is booked out usually months in advance.

They support various charities and host their ´Love in Action ´ Tour in 2018 where all proceeds go to to inspire modern yogis to live in ahimsa (non-violence). Besides supporting underpriviliged children in Asia they continually rescue animals from slaughterhouses in partnership with


To join their Teacher Training in 2018, check the schedule:

05-25.March Yoga-Teacher Training in Bali / info:

30.April – 13.May: 500h (Modul 1) advanced Teacher Training ( Email: )

08-10. June: Song & Silence Retreat (Nordsee) email:

21-24.June: BYS Yoga Music Festival


July Kirtan Tour Dates tba

July Goddess Retreat on Ibiza

08-15.September: Kirtan Camp Ibiza

01-21.October: Yoga-Teacher Training in Bali / info: 

all Retreat + Concert Dates tba

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Who we are

and INFO

Bhakti Yoga Summer is a celebration of yoga, music and the healing arts. The Festival brings together the finest chant artists and Yoga Instructors from around the world to share their insights, heart & creativity as one community

The Founders Sathya & Liliana have the Vision and intention to spread the power of Yoga & Mantra in form of this sacred gathering. They lived and studied many years in India with their spiritual teacher and approach yoga and chanting as a tool towards spiritual awakening

The Festival is wildly popular and offers the best yoga – music line-up in Germany and has touched & inspired thousands of yoga lovers, meditators and chanters – it´s a unique gathering with the power to open hearts, participate in the healing of our planet and upliftment of humanity.

Celebrate with us the great Summer Festival: 21-24.June 2018


Friends along the way